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Improve your packaging at the Impact Centre

See with your own eyes how packaging impacts your supply cycle in a true-to-life store and distribution environment.
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How packaging impacts production, distribution, and sales

Based on countless store and pack checks, we have created an environment in which you can learn from best practices.

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Come by and discover:

  1. why packaging is a successful communication channel.

    You cannot get any closer to the point-of-purchase. Did you know that 84% of consumer consider your brand story in-store?

  2. what the 5 easies are, and how they help you evaluate packaging.

    Hint: easy to identify is an important one. We’ll share the 4 others when you come by.

  3. how cardboard pallets could streamline your supply chain.

    Lighter, safer and 100% recyclable – test the legendary strength of our innovative Kaypal pallets yourself.

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