DS Smith

Packaging Trends Report


Today’s world is changing incredibly fast. As a
result, it is more challenging than ever before to
keep up and to evolve at that same pace.

In this report, we  analyse exactly how the world is                                  changing only to quickly step forward again with                                   strategic advice on how your business can act and                                      react to those changes – and the challenges and                              opportunities  they bring with them.

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Discover 4 trends that should be on your radar...

  1. Instantly Instagrammable

    As convenience becomes taken for granted and choice becomes infinite, consumers are now seeking unique experiences.

  2. Open Opportunities

    Tech-enabled data sharing is unlocking new opportunities through closer collaboration across the supply chain.

  3. Conscious Consumption

    The rapid rise of the ethical consumer urges companies to build and convey trust, and win the hearts and minds of the eco-conscious consumer.

  4. Green Government

    Regulatory pressure is increasing, will drive change and trigger shifts in materials and solutions.