The world is always changing.
But never as much as right now.

This Whitepaper illustrates our latest research on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on sustainable packaging – and how to adapt your packaging design and messaging

DS Smith and Ipsos MORI, a global leader in market research, have conducted a new study that reveals that despite the global health crisis, shoppers still have their eye on the environment; with 85% of consumers wanting to buy products that use as little packaging as possible, and almost a third (29%) admitting that they have stopped buying particular brands because their packaging was not sustainable.


Within this whitepaper we look into the research findings and highlight the implications for Sustainable Packaging across the following areas:

  • Consumer perceptions of sustainability
  • Attitudes and behaviour in-store and at home
  • Communicating sustainability.

To understand if the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything when it comes to Sustainable Packaging for you and your business. Fill in the form on the side to download the whitepaper or get in contact with us.